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Reviewed Poker Room Ratings

Poker Room Ratings By: Q. Smyth
Senior Editor For - Your Source For Sport Books Review
Sunday November 14th, 2005 - Page Updated At 10:50am January 16, 2007


Online Poker Room Rankings

Wager On Football poker rooms reviewed online. Here is the crem de la crem of the online poker world ranked all neat and tidy for you by our gambling experts. Don't play unless its got an A!!!!

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Poker Room Rating
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Our List Of Recommended Poker Rooms...

Bo Dog Poker Rooms
My Sportsbook Poker A+ Poker A+ Poker
Full Tilt Poker A+
Cris Poker
Doyles Poker Room
NINE Poker Room
VIP Poker
Paradise Poker

Party Poker
Poker Room
Above Are

The Best

Below Are The Rest
Poker Stars

InterTops Poker

Ultimate Bet
Victor Chandler Poker
WSEX Poker
Absolute Poker
Aces Up Poker
Bugsys Club
Coral Poker
Emerald Poker
Eurobet Poker
Ladbrokes Poker
Prima Poker

If you own an online Sportsbook, Casino, Racebook, or Online Poker Room you can try to get a hold of us to rank - review - and rate your online site. Just email us by clicking on this link. Email us.

A- to A+ These Poker Sites quite simply ROCK

B- to B+ Right Up there with the best - But not quite

C- to C+ Above average

D- to D+ Not Good At all.

F to F+ Poker SCAM

F- You shouldn't even bother checking them out once!

This online pokerroom review and our poker room ratings guide are best suited for the amateur holdem player looking to improve his game and learn no limit Texas holdem strategies, tips, and tactics and the best online poker rooms to play at. Choosing which poker room or rooms to trust with your bankroll is a big hurdle for many players. To help clear that hurdle, we have created a list comprised of some of the most popular online poker sites, complete with bonus information, pros and cons, games spread, and other important data. Our goal is to provide a smoother transition into the world of online poker.

There is really no "best" room for everyone. Each individual player has preferences of games, limits, software and bonus structures. One suggestion would be to take a test run of the room you are considering joining by downloading and joining a "play money" game. This will get you a real feel for the software and betting system. Several of these sites even offer freerolls, even if you have not made a deposit. These provide you a chance to start a bankroll without even depositing any of your own money! Whether you are looking to find a room where you are most comfortable, or simply looking to grab some juicy bonuses, this list of poker rooms should have something for everyone. Since it does take time and experience to develop into a strong POKER player. Our websites mission is to help speed up your POKER strategy by offering our tips and advice. Please help us out by gambling at our reviewed and rated online poker rooms.

Good Luck

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  Bodog Poker Rooms

Join our top poker rooms fast growing poker communities and put your poker skill to work in one of their many poker tournaments. We hope you enjoy playing in the top online Sportsbooks Poker Rooms.

NOTE: Wager on football sportsbook review have gone to great lengths to insure that the Paradise Poker, Party Pokre, Internet Poker, Poker, Bodog casino games,,, Pacific Poker, Poker, and online poker rooms are safe, legal, legitimate, and very very FUN. Prior to being listed as the Top Online Sportsbooks and Poker Rooms on our site, & rated higher than any other online wagering establishment. We have seen them grow since the late 90's folks. They are not in the business of ripping people off. If they were they'd be on our scam casino and scam sportsbook list.


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