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NFL Football - By: Q. Smyth
Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 - Page updated at 1:00pm
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NFL 2007 Power Ratings

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Each week during the heart of the NFL season, and once or twice during the NFL Preseason, we'll gather the troops around the roundtable and hash out the NFL Power rankings. We check out the stats, looks at the records, and, most importantly, we take a close, close look at the heart of each team. We encourage you to come back each week and see how the NFL Power Rankings have changed. NFL Power Rankings will be updated by Friday every week. Be sure to visit our home page for more articles and NFL analysis. Its with this knowledge that we can then deliver to you The NFL Power Rankings!

Wager On Football's 2007 NFL Power Rankings
This week's NFL Power rankings were determined by a poll of WageronFootball staff -- writers Q. Smyth, D. Bachman, and M. Pool.
Which team will be the surprise of the NFL in 2007? We know there will be at least one. It happens every year, an underrated NFL team that comes from nowhere to make the playoffs or win a division, driving the preseason prognosticators mad. A number of teams moved from the last time we ranked them after the 14th week of the 2007/08 season.

What helps NFL teams move to the top of our power rankings? Quarterback play.

The scouting report on the Jaguars used to be easy.

Take away the running game, put up 14-17 points on the aggressive defense and the squad will fold like a lawn chair.

But not today.

Behind controversial moves like shipping off Gary Coleman look-alike Byron Leftwich and giving the keys to steady starter David Garrard, the Jaguars are starting to produce consistently on both sides of the ball. The adjustments have made them a solid play against the spread since Week 4.

See where their consistency has put them and 31 other squads on our power rankings for Week 15: NFL Power Rankings

The 2007 NFL Week 15 Power Rankings. Click your favorite team for their NFL Resources Page.

Rank Team Power Ranking Comments & Notes Coming Soon...
1. New England Patriots While writing the Patriots portion of my power rankings, The Empire Strikes Back theme suddenly started playing on my iPod. How fitting...
2. Dallas Cowboys It seems like all Tony Romo does on passing plays is look for Terrell Owens, and if he's not there, he goes to Jason Witten. Regardless, no one can stop him.
3. Indianapolis Colts Did you see Peyton Manning instructing Jim Sorgi on when to take a knee at the end of the Colts' 44-20 blowout of Baltimore? Why don't the Colts just name Manning offensive coordinator and get it over with.
4. Green Bay Packers Who didn't see this coming? After leaving the game in Week 14 with an injured elbow, Brett Favre comes back and plays solid against the Raiders. However, the real props need to go to running back Ryan Grant with 156 yards on the ground. The Pack officially have a starter at the position.
5. Jacksonville Jaguars Speaking of balance, along with a No. 2 rushing offense, the Jaguars have slowly and quietly generated an impressive passing attack. Garrard has 972 passing yards (243 yards per game) with 7 TDs and one INT in the last four weeks, and it's translated into a 4-0 ATS record.
6. Seattle Seahawks In Week 14, my top-10 rankings went 8-2 ATS. Unfortunately, that means the blazing Seahawks (5-0 ATS in the last five weeks!) stay put
7. Pittsburgh Steelers I don't think that there's anything wrong with guarantees - Joe Namath is probably in the Hall because of that - but you have to back it up. Anthony Smith looked like the worst defender on the field Sunday.
8. San Diego Chargers Turning point in the Chargers' come-from-behind win over the Titans: Tennessee RB LenDale White scores a TD and mocks Shawne Merriman and LaDainian Tomlinson in his endzone celebration. Make fun of Merriman and his "Lights Out" dance all you want, but don't taunt "Superman" when you don’t have the kryptonite to slow him down.
9. New York Giants Have they gotten over their yearly midseason slump? Two covers in a row say yes.
10. Cleveland Browns If the Patriots go 16-0, Romeo Crennel will unfortunately be overlooked for NFL Coach of the Year.
11. Tampa Bay Bucs I guess it was only a matter time before an opponent woke up and realized that the Buccaneers' offense had the talent of a preseason team in the fourth quarter. Luckily, their final three opponents may not even have that. They play Atlanta, San Francisco and Carolina next.
12. Minnesota Vikings Although they were able to win and cover without him, Adrian Peterson's brutal three-yard day off 14 carries likely wiped out millions of fantasy teams in the playoffs.
13. Tennessee Titans The Titans' conservative approach in the fourth quarter is ultimately what sparked the Chargers' comeback and 23-14 win in overtime. But who can really fault Jeff Fisher in this situation? The Titans head coach is 69-7 with a fourth-quarter lead.
14. Buffalo Bills I can't say this enough: Trent Edwards is money in the bank. The kid is now 6-0 ATS as a starter.
15. Denver Broncos What happens when a team has a talented QB who's only in his second year? You have performances ATS like this week (Jay Cutler has four TDs and the Broncos win 41-7 over the Chiefs) and performances like last week (Cutler has no TDs and two INTs versus the Raiders and Denver loses 34-20).
16. New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush's miserable season came to an end with a posterior cruciate ligament tear that's been bothering him since November. Hopefully that's what has made him look like Kevin Faulk most of the season. If not, he's going to start hearing his name grouped with Blair Thomas, Ryan Leaf and Brian Bosworth.
17. Washington Redskins Backup QB Todd Collins is 8-10 ATS as a starter over his 13 seasons in the NFL. How's that for (useless) stat research?
18. Arizona Cardinals Despite their respectable ATS record, I think the Cards have proven over the last three weeks (1-2 ATS) that they can't be trusted.
19. Houston Texans Finally, the Texans' defense looked like it had four first-round picks on defense.
20. Detroit Lions Well, the ATS losing streak is finally over. As for straight up… not even close. Their chance to grab their first win SU since Week 9 will likely be against Kansas City in Week 16.
21. Philadelphia Eagles After a conservative performance by Donovan McNabb, do Philly fans dare call for rookie Kevin Kolb?
22. Cincinnati Bengals Signs running back Rudi Johnson should remain the starter: The Bengals are 5-1 ATS when he gets 15 or more carries.
23. Chicago Bears If Brian Urlacher was as scary as his Fathead commercial, the Bears would still be a respected defense in the league. Todd Collins (it wasn't even Kerry Collins) dropped two TDs on them.
24. Carolina Panthers Remember when this was the biggest, baddest D-line in the league? Prototype defensive end Julius Peppers has three sacks on the season.
25. Baltimore Ravens The season's over. It’s time for us to see what former Heisman QB Troy Smith can do.
26. Oakland Raiders Lane Kiffin, why isn't JaMarcus Russell starting yet? You have nothing to play for, and judging by the other performances, he may be the best QB on your team.
27. Kansas City Chiefs I hope Kansas City's nosedive in talent and victories this year was all part of a master plan to rebuild the team. Otherwise, this team is headed toward a Dolphins-like season.
28. St. Louis Rams Steven Jackson can run all he wants. As long as second-year QB Brock Berlin is under center, this team likely won't cover.
29. New York Jets I don't care how bad your offense is, you don't kick a field goal in the redzone and hope for onside kicks to win you the game. Way to show confidence in your offense, Eric Mangini.
30. Atlanta Falcons OK, it looks like Chris Redman isn't the answer either. Who's next on the QB carousel, Bobby Petrino?
31. San Francisco 49ers A part of me is hoping the Niners win a game or two in the last three weeks, because the Patriots have their first-round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Just imagine the Pats with Darren McFadden. Disgusting.
32. Miami Dolphins Oh great No. 13, use your godly football powers to get this team a win. For they may actually be getting worse. They're on their fifth running back, Samkon Gado, and future practice-squad QB Cleo Lemon is the starter again.

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