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Fantasy Football Draft Rant

NFL Football - By: M. Pool
Friday Sept 7th, 2007 - Page updated at 8:00 am
Senior Fantasy Football Editor For Sportsbook Review


Poolside Rant - Vol 2

2007 NFL Fantasy Football

Poolside Rant  09-06-07

Recently my favorite fantasy league held our annual draft party which is really an excuse to get on a conference call or messaging and down a few adult beverages while imparting our fantasy genius to the other nine participants.  It is a total blast which I am sure many of you also involve yourselves in and if not it really is a must for any fan of the NFL…even games I normally don’t care about during the season take on a certain significance.  So we have had our draft and our league plays with non-standard scoring to elevate the level of skill in the draft and lineups.

We score the standard 6 for TD’s and 2 for safeties and 2pt conversions as well as standard defensive scoring.  Some of the non-standard scoring we use is .1 for every yard gained rushing or receiving, .5 for every 10 yards passing, 1 pt per reception and some generous bonuses for milestones.  WRs get 2 pts for 8 receptions, 5 pts for 150 yards, 1 pt for TDs 30-50 yds and 2 pts for 51+ yd TD receptions.  RB get 5 pts at 125 yards and long TD bonuses as well.  Qbs get +5 pts for 300 yards and the long TD bonuses as well.  We start 1 QB, 1RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DST + a spot for a RB/WR so we can play 2/2 or 1/3. I am breaking down the scoring just as a lead up to the point of this whole article.

The next day I reviewed my team and figured I would put some of my guys, OK so it was 9 of 16, on the trading block fishing for some offers for those less genius GMs who blew their draft and want to make changes.  I was bombarded and ridiculed which was OK but then they made a big mistake and criticized the team.  Bad move I came in with a strategy and I executed it for the most part even though I stretched a little for some players. So I am going to put it out there for all you fantasy pundits to review and critique my team which is why I pointed out some of the particulars in our scoring system.  This lead up is boring so lets get to the draft recap with a brief explanation why I chose the team I did.

Randomly generated draft order put me seventh of ten.  Not exactly my favorite place to pick, I prefer earlier in the draft or the last pick…I love the back to back picks.  It really helps focus the needs and then you always get 2 guys on your list plus you get a feel for the other owners values on players initially.

Round 1 pick 7 saw Manning Bush Jackson Gore LT and Alexander all gone but I had my guy…Joeseph Addai even with LJ still on the board I picked the young Colt.  The reasoning is simple…1 pt per reception and the Colts should score a few more points than the Chiefs this year. I predicted he gets 200 total yards in another article so I make good on my prediction and confidently take him here

Round 2 I picked Chad Johnson although Maroney and Rudi were still on the board guys had gone QB already and Brady Palmer and Brees were taken in between 7 and my next pick at 14 so I took the best WR.

Round 3 I snagged Boldin next as WR were going fast and I wanted 3 solid starters and figured I could load up on undervalued RB’s later.

Round 4 Javon Walker came back around to me so I scooped him fast.  I had the trio of wideouts I was hoping for.

Round 5 A prize dropped to me here as I get Clinton Portis. Edge is still on the board but all the QB’s that are clear number ones are gone and the top WR are gone as well. I like Portis better than Edge simply because the Cards will throw more because that is their strength and Edge hasn’t looked great in ARZ.  RB’s seem to go there to die…

Round 6 Cadillac Williams is still there and I pick him as the best player available even with Thomas Jones on the board.  I think Caddy has the confidence of Gruden, will play every down and he will catch more passes with Garcia as a QB…maybe I am wrong and regret that move but I make up for it later in the draft.

Round 7 Matt Leinhart is the best QB out there but mostly because I get a WR/QB tandem and I think Leinhart is going to bring some wins to the desert.  This was a gamble I had in mind when all the top QB’s were gone by round 6 and Young and Rivers went a few picks ahead of me.  I think Leinhart out plays both of them this season and predicted in my first article he would have 4000 yards passing and 25-30 TDs.  I see him having 8 300 yard games this season.

Round 8 Jason Witten best TE available from a consistency standpoint and not going by who could have a monster season.  Witten is a reliable starter and Garrett played in offenses that featured the TE more so I am hoping Witten grabs a few more TDs

Round 9  Jay Cutler because I figured going for another QB would be a smart move and get a couple guys who could be number ones by week 4 and I get that awesome QB/WR combo for the Cards bye or any week Cutler has a sweet matchup.  Neither has a backup to fear and will play all the teams snaps this season barring an injury.

Round 10 DST Cowboys  They were number 4 overall until the final four weeks so I am banking on Phillips attacking D to create more sacks and turnovers.

Round 11 Jerry Porter is still around so I take a fourth WR because he is my best value here and I can forget about WR unless someone too good gets passed by.  I picked Porter mostly because Lamont Jordan went 2 picks earlier…I liked him in Oak-town this year enough to take him earlier if I didn’t want to get scooped on the Cowboys.

Round 12 Julius Jones because I missed on Jordan and I think he could be the main guy in Dallas this year and get the occasion attempt inside the 20.  Maybe he’ll score a few more TD’s.  Motivated by being in a contract year.

Round 13 LJ Smith  Witten is solid but LJ Smith is too good to pass up here and he can’t be hurt that badly.  Any weapon of McNabb’s is fine with me.

Round 14 DST Vikings  Are you kidding?  This D should not still be on the board playing in the NFC North.

Round 15 DeShaun Foster  OK I am already a genius as Carolina named him the starter today.  I expect him to have a big season…like everyone who’s in a contract year

Round 16  Neil Rackers it’s a kicker people!! I pick one last…that’s it…very last pick in every single draft and I will never stray from that strategy. Pick an offense that will score lots or even just move the ball well and the kicker gets 100+. Good enough.

So my lineup looks like this.


M Leinart





DST Cowboys

J Cutler



LJ Smith


DST Vikings










Does that look like a team you would be mocking in a draft where 160 fantasy players are taken?  Are these guys seriously looking at my team as a speed bump on their way to the championship or is it their false bravado covering for their intense fear?

My strategy this year was to pick as many studs as possible.  The slightest question makes them unreliable and I tend to flip flop if they aren’t ultra-relaible.  I love having 3 WR who can go every week.  I have 1 uber stud RB and 3 number 2’s along with a 3rd in Foster although I believe contract year spells he is a number 2 as well.  I figure between Cadillac and Portis I have a couple guys who can get to a number one status if things play out right.  Caddy is the guy in TB and I like guys who don’t come off the field or play in a tandem.  My biggest concern is QB but I have faith that taking advantage of match-ups should give me a serviceable QB every week with two guys who are young, talented and poised.

  I like Witten and LJ Smith at TE, having 2 guys I can count on gives me peace of mind in a position that doesn’t score well as a whole.  My DST’s are solid if not the best but I didn’t get one too early which to me is before round eight, D is a second half pick in my mind.  The best of them average about 20 pts a week and only the top 2 are significantly better generally speaking. Kickers all score the same…I could waiver wire a kicker every week and still be within 20 pints at the end of the year. Scary thought, I have 3 Cardinals I plan on starting every week…see why I skipped out on Edge?  I may regret not taking Thomas Jones if Caddy falls flat but I don’t trust RB’s who are hurt to begin a season, or any player for that matter.  There is only 12 weeks before the playoffs in our league so missing one or two games hurts.

That’s my rant.  Can any of you guru’s out there figure out why I am taking heat and why my team is being mocked mercilessly?  Aside from me coming in at the last minute with a solid head start on the adult beverages after 18 holes in 90+ degree heat?  Email me your tips and help me understand where my strategy and or choices may make my trip to the fantasy superbowl out of reach this season and help me get a leg up on next year.  I still think my team has the star power to deliver every week against my sorry competition and I truly believe they are quaking in their virtual cleats at the prospect of having to face my behemoth twice this season. That’s the rant I am back to the pool until next week, I am outta here.

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