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2007 NFL Football Draft Guide - NFL Football - Internet NFL Tips - NFL Draft - Football Info

2007 NFL Mock Draft #4

2007 NFL Draft Guide - April 22nd, 2007 10:00am
By: Mike. P. - NFL Football Editor - Wager On
NFL Draft Tips - NFL Draft Predictions - Football Advice For Free!!


NFL Draft Coverage - Mock Draft

2007 NFL Football Draft Guide


Here comes the most exciting non-game football day in the past few years.  There should be trades aplenty this year with so much doubt surrounding the top picks in this draft and the top teams’ ideas on who helps them most.  With the parity in the NFL and importance of the draft now more than ever trades will run rampant through the entire draft.  That said I am picking as much where players go than who they actually may suit up for next season because I am not claiming to be an “insider” of the NFL owners circle. I do have an opinion on needs though because I love this game and this day in particular as it sets up the speculation for next season.  That gives me an entire summer to critique the moves NFL teams made when they don’t agree with my picks and analysis of their needs in that fifteen minute window.  Here’s to the draft and my mock up of this year’s first round.  On the clock…

1. Oakland: Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech -- Calvin Johnson goes at the top spot.  Speculate on Russell but the safe decision is taking the most talent in this draft and maybe in the past several years.  This allows the Raiders to either trade Johnson if some team is up for a player they like and some extra picks.Tampa is rumored to covet Johnson so don't be surprised that draft day trade happening a la Chargers-Giants a few years ago.  If no team bites it allows the Raiders to trade Moss for some lower draft picks and dump his attitude and salary cap hit.  Then the Raiders play Walter and wait and see what happens with Miami and Culpepper or Detroit and McCown. QB was not their problem last year and Kiffin will make that offense better faster with CJ than any QB.

2. Detroit: Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson -- The Raiders will leave Detroit confused in the second spot.  Detroit drafts on need and takes Adams the best DE in the class, although Brady Quinn will garner some attention here I think the Lions go defense first and wait on a QB.  Millen can't have another bad draft and Adams is the most foolproof pick.  Great size, speed and a motor that doesn't quit keeps him mopping up QBs in Motown for a long time.

3. Cleveland: Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma -- The Browns call Peterson's name. Even though they signed Jamal Lewis, Peterson is the only other game breaker on offense at this point and it is more of a need than QB for the Browns, although they may love to have Quinn I got burnt by Tennessee last year.  We saw how explosive Lewis is NOT the past few seasons and know he isn't the answer at RB but he could give Peterson enough insight and relief for the Sooner to make a huge impact season 1.  This is a solid pick and Peterson will be Rookie of the Year outdueling Johnson

4. Tampa Bay: JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU -- Tampa Bay selects Russell.  Maybe this pick and Simeon Rice and a 2nd rounder go to a trade with the Raiders but Gruden loves his offense and all those off season QB moves get cleared up here.  The Bucs have a few QB's to groom this guy and I think Garcia's the snap taker until Russell is ready.  All those off season moves at QB means Gruden has less faith in Simms and Gradkowski than many seem to think.

5. Arizona: Joe Thomas, T, Wisconsin -- The Cardinals really want Joe Thomas and stay put and select him at the No. 5 spot. They won't risk moving down to save money and selecting the Penn State tackle the talent difference is enough to justify the cost here and Wisenhunt knows he is getting an incredible value.  This could make 2 years in a row a top 3 talent falls into the Cards hands and almost makes the entire draft a success for the Cards as they protect Leinhart's back for 10 years with a Pro Bowl tackle.

6. Washington: Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville -- There are a lot of rumors that the Redskins will trade out of this spot if they can get their hands on Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs. The Briggs trade appears dead and the Skins need more than Briggs can offer but the 19 year old phenom has the potential to be a disruptive force on the line for a dozen years or more.  Gibbs will listen to trades for this spot and people hoping to move up for Quinn or Landry but Okoye is better than solid and has beast-like 19.  Oldest coach takes youngest player...gotta love the irony 

7. Minnesota:  Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame -- Vikingss would be wise to just take Quinn. Tavaris Jackson may be the guy to get them to the next level but Quinn can do it and as San diego proved a few years ago having 2 QB's capable of being starters does not hurt you in the long run.  Minnesota does not have a plethora of needs but there is no value at WR at this point and the DE's are stretches here.  Quinn is likely the best QB prospect in this draft and tremendous value at 7.

8. Atlanta: LaRon Landry, S, LSU -- Atlanta would have loved Okoye to have fallen to them here but they will take Landry and what a nice consolation prize he is.  Landry is the type of safety that can be a match-up player disrupting offensive gameplans almost single handedly.  A solid  backfield addition to team with DHall creating a great backfield ball hawking tandem for years to come.  The Schaub trade pays off big-time because Landry is not available if Miami picks before the Falcons.

9. Miami: Levi Brown, OT, Penn State -- The Dolphins were patient, didn’t move up and got the big left tackle they need. Brown is the perfect player to fill the shoes no one has for Richmond Webb in years.  This means Trent Green or Culpepper or whoever they get to play QB may not spend their time running from D linemen like last season.  It will also help Ronnie Brown get beyond the line of scrimmage before getting hit.  Good move Miami.

10. Houston: Alan Branch, DT, Michigan -- Houston needs someone in the middle to help Mario Williams up front and to swallow up blockers allowing super-rook Demeco Ryans to fly around and tackle everything.  Branch fits the bill and may be the best value here.  He is a solid if unspectacular DT that should perform his role well at the next level and will help Mario have the break out season the Texans need from their 2006 1st overall pick. 

11. San Francisco: Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska -- Carriker is a great fit for coach Mike Nolan and his desire to build a solid 3-4 defense with high-character players. He plugs in as a rookie and holds his spot for eight to 10 years. Some talk about the top wide receivers left on the board will be very tempting, but good receivers will still be on the board when the Niners pick at No. 42 -- defensive ends won't be.

12. Buffalo: Patrick Willis, LB, Mississippi -- Willis is the best middle linebacker in the draft, and the Bills lost London Fletcher in free agency and traded Takeo Spikes to the Eagles. Willis ran under 4.4 in the 40-yard dash at his Pro Day and is a tackling machine. Willis can play alongside Angelo Crowell and be an effective tandem and shave ten years from the Fletcher-Spikes tandem.

13. St. Louis: Leon Hall, CB, Michigan -- Signing Lenny Walls and Mike Rumph has not solved the Rams' secondary issues. They probably regret letting defensive tackle Ryan Pickett go and this pick offers a chance to recover, but they select Hall. The Rams need help in the backfield and a Hall-Hill (2006 1st rd pick) is too tempting to pass up. Hall is the best CB in this draft.  There might be some discussion about defensive tackle to replace Pickett but it is only talk

14. Carolina: Greg Olsen, TE, Miami (Fla.) -- If the Panthers wanted Willis, they would have moved up, but the Carolina decision-makers seem very impressed with Olsen. The Panthers need a linebacker but this crop does not impress them enough. Olsen would help solve Carolina's third-down problems and also help Steve Smith and Keyshawn Johnson. The best TE fills a need the Panthers have not fixed since Wesley Walls retired.

15. Pittsburgh: Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee -- Harrell is now weighing in at 314 pounds and his workout has NFL people talking first round. He can play defensive end in the 3-4 scheme and can always move to tackle in the 4-3 if the Steelers ever go in that direction down the road.  Harrell moved up fast after not playing this past season due to a torn bicep which he proved is behind him with 31 reps at his workout.

16. Green Bay: Marshawn Lynch, RB, California -- Lynch will not be here next round and GB needs someone to fill the gap and Lynch is big, fast and an excellent receiver.  Perfect for Favre's type of offense and his speed is a game breaking factor the Pack loves.  Character questions may change the Pack's mind but I think Lynch is the best value for the offensively challenged Pack.  They will look for a WR in the second or third to help Farve.

17. Jacksonville: Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas --  Jacksonville and Del Rio will do a little jig if Anderson, who was the top rated DE 2 months ago fall to them here.  The Razorback is the perfect remedy to inject some youth into an aging defensive line.  There should be some safety value in the second round but Nelson will attract some votes here to plug in and play for the departed Grant.

18. Cincinnati: Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh -- The Bengals want a corner or a safety. Revis is a solid pick and the Bengals will love the 'solid citizen' as much as the player.  The loss of James is a concern and though the Bengals have other needs like safety and LB they must replace ball hawking Tory James in the backfield.  Revis should be a first year starter in Cincy. There will be some discussion about the linebackers left on the board but Revis' return abilities make him the man.

19. Tennessee:Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State -- Pacman's suspension is a concern for the DB's in Tennessee but the return game and WR both improve with Ginn's electrifying speed.  Vince needs help and Ginn can be a Terry Glenn type with the bonus of a serious return threat for the Titans.  The speed and quickness of Ginn Jr will create match up problems and provide a deep threat for a punchless offense after losing Bennett to St. Louis.

20. N.Y. Giants: Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU -- Everyone is talking linebacker to the Giants, especially with Paul Posluszny and Lawrence Timmons still on the board. The Giants need one, but they completed a transaction to acquire Kavika Mitchell. Plaxico Burress can't be a long term answer when he rarely shows up in the offseason and Amani Toomer is coming off an injury. Bowe gives Eli Manning a target for the next eight years and is the best WR on the board.  The Giants need to know if Eli is the guy to take them to the next level and giving him a young WR like Bowe helps to solve two problems.
21. Denver: Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State -- The Broncos lost out in their pursuit of defensive end Patrick Kerney, and middle linebacker Al Wilson was just released. Defensive end Jarvis Moss makes some sense at this spot but Timmons fills a more immediate need.  D.J. Williams can slide into the middle linebacker spot and Timmons takes his spot.  No DE worth a look this high and Timmons may help off set Wilson's loss more.

22. Dallas: Reggie Nelson, S, Florida -- There will be discussions about other safeties like Longhorn Michael Griffin, but Nelson's personal workout should make him the choice.  Hamlin's signing took the 'need' out of this pick but Nelson is far too good a player to slip any farther. The Cowboys could embrace the idea of taking a WR like Meachem, Smith or Jarrett at this spot as Owens and Glenn aren't getting any younger but the Cowboys have 7 second day picks to play move up with in the second round.  Dallas will trade if any offer comes up for this pick because they have no burning need and Jones loves pulling the trigger on draft day.

23. Kansas City:  Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee -- Meachem had 34 receptions over 20 yards and has risen up draft boards in recent weeks.  KC has needed a WR for a few years and the other needs pale in comparison right now.  No matter what they do at QB Kenison and Parker are average at their very best and Gonzalez needs an outside threat to steal a double team away every now and then.  Give Gonzo a break KC...draft a WR!!

24. New England: Aaron Ross, CB, Texas -- The Pats are working out all the top corners and Asante Samuels is starting to talk about a trade. Ross is too hard to pass up at this point.  NE will replenish their backfield and Tory James was a good signing but can't play forever.  Ross is a great value here.  The Pats may look for a safety but have 2 first rounders, thanks to Seattle and will hope a top S falls to them at 28.  Ummm, right...that's four picks from now.

25. N.Y. Jets: Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas -- The Jets need help in the secondary, the defensive line and tight end. With Olsen gone, the Jets discuss the remaining corners and take Houston, who has match-man skills. I like Houston with good size and speed to pair up with Miller and allow Mangini to flex a little in his defense.  A D lineman would be perfect but Moss is a little undersized and others are a bit of a reach here so the Jets take the next best corner.

26. Philadelphia: Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami -- Lawrence Timmons is gone and Posluszny may get a look, but the Eagles acquired Takeo Spikes in free agency. A solid corner will be discussed here like but Merriweather is a plug-in player.  Meriweather may drop out of the first round if teams have concerns about his part in the brawl but aside from those character issues he is a solid replacement for Lewis and will learn plenty from All-Pro Dawkins about leadership.  Griffin could be the choice here if character issues concern the Eagles.

27. New Orleans: Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State -- The Saints would love a tight end like Greg Olsen or a defensive tackle, but picking down at No. 27 is all new for the Saints franchise. They will have to move up to get those players, so they could make a call to Dallas but if they stay put, then it could be Posluszny.  The Saints have no glaring needs but would love to improve their CB's and LB's.  Posloszny is a safe pick and a hard nosed straight up football player, Payton will find a way to allow him to contribute right away.

28. New England: Michael Griffin, S, Texas -- The wide receivers were hit pretty hard with four selected in the first round already. Griffin is a solid player and there's a better chance of finding a quality receiver at the No. 62 spot than a safety like Griffin.  If the Eagles pass on Meriweather the Pats will snap him up as Harrison can keep him in line and he can play corner if Eugene Wilson steps up his game at FS

29. Baltimore:  Justin Blalock, G-T, Texas -- The easy choice is Blalock.  Ravens would love to go defense here and replace AThomas lost to the Pats but the O-line has been decimated in the off season and they need a good draft to help out now.  Blalock can play T or G and that flexibility makes him the choice for an Oline that could be out three of last season’s starters for new stud RB MacGahee and to keep ‘Air’ McNair’s feet on the ground.

30. San Diego: Steve Smith, WR, USC -- Jarrett makes plays but Smith is a receiver that can come and contribute right away running smooth precise routes and surprised scouts with his 4.4 speed.  The Chargers have some young WR's but Smith is better than good catching 70+ passes the past 2 years at USC and that consistency and speed can help free up Gates.  A great complement to huge Vincent Jackson and gives Rivers two solid young WR to develop chemistry with.

31. Chicago: Jon Beason, OLB, Miami (Fla.) -- Lance Briggs could be traded to Washington, but even if he's not, it doesn't look like Chicago ever intends to do a long-term deal with him. A wide receiver is a possibility, but Beason would solve a more immediate problem.  Briggs will be missed but Beason may help lessen that loss although the Bears may wait on a LB and take a WR like Jarrett here.

32. Indianapolis:  Eric Weddle, S-CB, Utah -- Surprise pick by the SB champs. Think of John Lynch in Dungy's cover two but maybe better all-round athlete as a safety that can play CB.  The Colts need that kind of flexibility after losing safeties and possibly both starting cornersfrom last season's SB team.  Weddle is projected as a second round guy but I think no way Dungy lets a top safety with CB cover ability that makes big plays slide by this day.  Great pick that will disappoint many teams looking at Weddle hoping he will fall to them.

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