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NFC North - Detroit Lions - Ford Field

P.O. Box 441310
Detroit, MI 48244-1310

Name: Ford Field
Home Team: Detroit Lions

Ford Field


Along with three other NFL teams, the Detroit Lions began playing in a new stadium in 2002. After more than two decades of playing at the Silverdome in Pontiac, MI, the Lions and Detroit Tigers (MLB) first proposed to have two new stadiums built in downtown Detroit in the mid 1990’s. Construction on the Tigers new stadium, Comerica Park began in 1997 and was completed by 1999. Voters approved a bond that paid for 51% percent of the football stadium, while the team paid the remaining 49% of the $430 million stadium. Appropriate enough, Ford Motor Company purchased the naming rights to the stadium, thus it was named Ford Field. Groundbreaking ceremonies for Ford Field began on November 16, 1999.

The first game at Ford Field was on September 22, 2002 vs. the Green Bay Packers. Ford Field is one of the NFL’s most unique stadiums. It has 65,000 seats and has a fixed roof supported by two 18ft-wide concrete columns. A structural-steel supported permanent dome was chosen to cover the facility because of Detroit’s cold and harsh winter weather. One of the unique aspects of Ford Field is that the entire south wall of the stadium is made up of two shelled-out J.L. Hudson's warehouses. The 80-year-old buildings have been renovated to include 140 luxury suites on three levels facing the playing field, along with other uses like retail, restaurants and possibly a hotel. On the south entrance of Ford Field is a six story glass atrium. Fans receive tremendous views of the downtown Detroit’s skyline through the atrium. This also allows natural light inside the stadium. The FieldTurf playing field is 45 feet below street level, allowing fans easier access to their seats. Amenities at Ford Field include 7,000 club seats, 140 luxury suites, a club lounge, banquet rooms, conference and convention areas, and a Lions team store. Prior to its opening, Ford Field was awarded Super Bowl XL in 2006.

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Ford Field

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Construction Began: November 16, 1999
Opened: September 22, 2002
Cost: $430 Million
Architect: SHG, Inc., Rossetti Associates Architects, Hamilton Anderson Associates,

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