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NFC East - Dallas Cowboys - Texas Stadium

2401 E. Airport Freeway
Irving, TX 75062

Name: Texas Stadium
Home Team: Dallas Cowboys

Texas Stadium


After over 30 years of existence, Texas Stadium is still one of the NFL’s best stadiums, and one of the most unique stadiums in the league. After several years of playing at the Cotton Bowl, the Dallas Cowboys wanted a new state of the art stadium exclusively for them. After bonds were passed allowing a stadium to be built, construction began in the late 1960’s. The stadium was named after its location, Texas Stadium.

Opening day at Texas Stadium came on October 24, 1971. Texas Stadium became one of the NFL’s most unique stadiums upon opening. The stadium is partially domed. A hole is in the center of the roof allows fans to stay dry but the field is left open to the elements outside. Over 65,000 blue seats in two tiers extend around the gridiron. Two DiamondVision scoreboard/video-boards are located inside Texas Stadium. The stadium has many amenities that include 381 luxury suites, a stadium club where fans gather for parties and banquets, and The Corral, which provides food, beverages, entertainment and large screen televisions for fans before, during and after all Cowboys games. Flags commemorating the Cowboys five Super Bowl championships are hung from the roof. Texas Stadium remains one of the best stadiums. However, funding for a new stadium for the team was passed in November 2004 and the Cowboys will move into a new stadium in 2008.

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Texas Stadium

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Paradise Poker
Construction Began: 1967
Opened: October 24, 1971
Cost: $35 Million
Architect: Unknown

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